Oak Health 101
How to Manage Oaks with SOD, Drought, and more

Anyone who wishes to understand the effects Sudden Oak Death is having upon our Oak Forests are encouraged to attend this seminar.  The lecturers, Garbelleto and Sims, are preeminent experts in the study of this oak disease and will be able to provide vital information in order to protect your valuable oak trees.  This disease is found throughout the San Geronimo Valley, and is the cause of the majority of oak tree deaths you see in the forest.  Protect your oak by attending this workshop.  Details below.

Event: Oak Health 101: How to Manage Oaks with SOD, Drought, and more
Date: October 23, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Contact: lkbell@ucanr.edu
Sponsor: UCCE Sonoma County
Location: Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center


Event Details
Please register for this free workshop:
http://ucanr.edu/oakhealth101 <http://ucanr.edu/oakhealth101>
Or contact Lisa Bell, lkbell@ucanr.edu <mailto:lkbell@ucanr.edu>

Special note:
Valley Folks
Dan McKenna, well known arborist, retired Superintendent of Golden Gate Park, and member of the Planning Group Steering Committee highly recommends attending this workshop by seminal experts in the field of Sudden Oak Death.  Also recommended by Steven Swain, Environmental Horticulture Advisor from UC Coop Extension who worked closely with the Planning Group on the successful Landowner’s Assistance Program (LAP).

If you attend, please consider taking notes and forwarding them.  We will post them in the Planning Group Newsletter.  Thanks for caring about our magnificent oak trees,
Jean Berensmeier
Planning Group Chair