At our February meeting MMWD board representative Liza Crosse and Dan Carney, Manager of the MMWD Conservation Department updated the community on MMWD’s steps in dealing with the drought and an uncertain water future.  They brought along handouts and new FREE faucet aerators, showerheads and dye to check for leaks.  Drop by and pick one up.

Dan Carney, MMWD Water Conservation Manager, provided us with the following key points he made from his presentation:

Water is something we need every day and, rain or shine, in Marin we never have too much water stored in the reservoirs. At home, work, or school there are lots of ways you can conserve water.  Here are MMWD’s Top 10 Ways to Save Water.  See what works for you!

1.  Check for leaks and repair them immediately.

2. Carefully monitor your automatic sprinkler system and water plants only as needed.

3. Check your water pressure and install pressure-compensating faucet aerators and showerheads.

4. Check your water meter regularly.  Detect leaks & monitor


5. Participate in MMWD’s free conservation programs.

6. Install high-efficiency WaterSense-labeled toilets.

7. Install a high-efficiency clothes washer.

8. Install a WaterSense-labeled smart irrigation controller.

9. Add compost and mulch to your garden and landscape.

10. Make your garden water-smart.

In addition, MMWD has a variety of free programs and rebates that can help you make the best use of every drop. See below and please visit the water district’s website www.marinwater.org <http://www.marinwater.org>, and call the Conservation Department at (415) 945-1520 for more information.